Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Movie Review: The First Purge

The First Purge *** / *****
Directed by: Gerard McMurray.
Written by: James DeMonaco.
Starring: Y'lan Noel (Dmitri), Lex Scott Davis (Nya), Joivan Wade (Isaiah), Mugga (Dolores), Patch Darragh (Arlo Sabian), Marisa Tomei (Dr. May Updale), Luna Lauren Velez (Luisa),  Kristen Solis (Selina), Rotimi Paul (Skeletor), Mo McRae (7 & 7), Jermel Howard (Lorenzo), Siya (Blaise), Christian Robinson (Capital A), Steve Harris (Freddy), Derek Basco (Taz), D.K. Bowser (Sharpie), Mitchell Edwards (Kels), Maria Rivera (Anna), Chyna Layne (Elsa), Ian Blackman (President Bracken).
There has never been anything subtle about The Purge movies – which are genre movies with a political message it doesn’t even try to disguise. The first film was basically a white panic story – where the rich white family, who has profited off of violence and fear, gradually realize that there privilege will not protect them. The films have grown increasingly blunt from there as they have expanded their point of view (the first was essentially a home invasion film – the rest have taken place throughout a city). The films know that if a premise as outlandish as The Purge was actually put in place, it would be the poor and the minorities that would most be targeted – and suffer. The rich get richer, the rest pay the price. This is the first purge movie made in the Trump era – and make no mistake, the filmmakers no it.
The movie is a prequel, flashing back to the rise of the New Founding Fathers of America, a political party that grew out of dissatisfaction with Democrats and Republicans (something that seems increasingly plausible). Their new idea – of 12 hours with no laws – will be tested this night, in Staten Island only. Anyone who stays will get $5,000 – and if they participate, they’ll get even more. This is all the brainchild of Dr. May Updale (Marisa Tomei) – who thinks this will be healthy. The NFFA want to use it as a way to thin the herd.
Basically the film concentrates on Dmitri (Y’lan Noel), the local drug kingpin and his ex-girlfriend Nya (Lex Scott Davis), a local activist. They both grew up in the poverty of Staten Island, but have taken increasingly divergent paths. When the night starts, all Dmitri wants to do is lock down his crew, survive the night with his money, stash and territory intact. Nya wants to help protect those staying – including her younger brother, Isaiah (Joivan Wade). Both will see their best laid plans go awry – and Dmitri will eventually rediscover his humanity – and how much he cares about this community.
Like the other three Purge movies, The First Purge is effective mostly as a blunt instrument used to beat you over the head. There is nothing subtle about the film, or its politics – it rubs your face in them pretty much from the start. The film does have a little more exposition than the other films off the top, and takes a while to really get going. There are some scares early on Purge night – mostly involving Isaiah as he wanders the streets (and a crack house) with glowing eyes. The last third is much more of an action movie than a horror movie however – and a skillfully done one for the most part.
I have to admit, I have a soft spot for this series. None of the movies have been particularly good, but they are all involving, well-made and even if they beat you over the head with their politics, at least they have them. I’m not going to say that the film have been increasingly plausible, given the rise of Donald Trump, but – no, maybe I am. I’m not suggesting that Trump will institute the Purge – but they certainly make the NFFA sound like Trump – so you can see the slippery slope there. Like the others in the series, The First Purge is a blunt instrument – but an effective one.

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