Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Year End Report - Schedule

You are forgiven if you think that with all the critics releasing their top tens lists around this time that mine is just around the corner as well. Sadly I am not a professional, I do not get to see films early, and neither am I sent screeners. Which means that my own year end report will be a little later than most.

At this point, I still have 4 films I have classified as Must-Sees before I post my list. At this point, it appears like The Lovely Bones and Crazy Heart will both be released on January 15th. Since this is only two weeks after the end of the year, I am going to hold off until I see both of them, as they could both impact by lists of best films, performances and other Oscar categories. The 3rd film is The Last Station, which currently has a release date of February 5th in my area, no doubt to capitalize on the expected Oscar nominations. The fourth film is the Romanian film Police, Adjective, which has no release date listed for my area. If these releases for the other films hold, then I will not be waiting for The Last Station or Police Adjective. I can only wait so long before posting these lists. I should start my year in review the week of January 18th. It will be an all week affair, as I will release my list of my 25 favorite films (in order), as well as my ten worst list, lists of the ten best performances in each Oscar category, and then an explanation of what I think should be nominated in each other Oscar category.

What this means is that the next few weeks may be quieter than normal at the blog. I will continue to post new reviews, and do my best to keep up with video releases, but other than that, I would not expect too much except for the occasional Oscar update. In addition to writing the massive year end report, I will be working on my list of the decades best 30 films. (Why 30? Well, I started with 100, but found that too unwieldy, so I decided on a top 25 instead, but when I went to make the list, I had 28 films I could not part with, so I added 2 more and made it 30).

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