Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Video Views: November 10, 2009

Only two DVD releases of any real note today, but they are two of the best films of the year, so they should definitely be rented as soon as possible.

In The Loop ****
A whip smart political satire about the run-up to an invasion to a unnamed Middle Eastern country. Tom Hollander plays a junior member of British Parliament who makes a stupid statement to the press, and continues to try and undo the damage for the rest of the movie. He and his aides travel to Washington to take part in meetings, but really get nowhere. Peter Capaldi delivers a brilliant, profane performance as the Press Secretary of the PM who explodes with anger and profanity whenever someone contradicts him. The film is smart and hilarious, and downright cynical in its view of modern politics. One of the year’s best. For my original review please see:

Up ****
Pixar has done it again. Up is an intelligent, emotional, brilliantly well animated film about an old man who after the death of his beloved wife goes on an adventure to South America in his floating house. Unbeknownst to him, he has taken along a young boy with him. The opening of the movie was enough to bring me to tears. The middle section is a glorious animated adventure in a strange land. And the ending had me crying all over again. One of the very best films of the year. For my original review please see:

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