Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DVD Releases: November 3, 2009

Food, Inc. ***
Food, Inc. is a fascinating documentary about what happens to our food before it gets to our table. It looks at how the farming industry has become so controlled by a few companies that they have complete control over everything that happens. We see chickens that can barely be described as such anymore. Cows that are hardly able to stand. We look at an industry that makes the food that is worst for us the cheapest, helping to contribute to the epidemic of obesity in North America. For people who have followed along with these developments over the years, there is most likely nothing new here. But for people who haven’t, this is an eye opening documentary. Yes, it has an agenda, and so you should take what it says with a grain of salt. But it is still an interesting look behind an industry that does whatever it can to do business behind closed doors. For my original review please see:

G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra ** ½
G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra is one of the stupidest movies of the year. However, if you realize this going in, and are able to turn your brain off, it is also quite entertaining in its own stupid way. Sure, it’s not particulary well acted, or even that well directed by Stephen “The Mummy” Sommers, but there is a stupid sort of entertainment value to it. For my original review please see:

Il Divo *** ½
Giulo Andreotti was elected Prime Minister of Italy seven times over a 20 year span. This despite the fact that there allegations of corruption, mob affliation and even murder. He made many nicknames over his career in politics, one of them was Il Divo, but others included The Black Pope, The Hunchback and Beezlebug. The movie tells his story, and with all the facts that the movie throws at you, it is impossible to keep it all straight. But that really isn’t the point. The movie wants to make it clear just how far reaching the corruption in Italian politics reached. This is a fascinating movie that will make you glad that no matter what we think of our leaders here in Canada, they are better than Italy’s. For my original review please see:

The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3 ** ½
The Taking of Pelham 123 is the latest example of extreme action movie directing by Tony Scott. This time, his favorite star Denzel Washington plays a New York City subway man who is sitting in the control room when John Travolta and his cronies highjack a subway car and demand ransom. The two develop a sort of trust between them, and Travolta will deal with no one else. The film is well made and acted, yet I couldn’t help but be bored by the proceedings to a certain extent. There is a lot of talk here, and most of the dialogue is rather perfunctory. Still worth a look on DVD, but I was a little let down. For my original review please see:

Watchmen (Ultimate Edition) ****
I have no idea what “Ultimate Edition” means, but this sort of double dipping infuriates me, as it makes people buy two copies of the movie instead of just one. Fortunately, I have not gotten around to buying it yet, so I’ll most likely pick this one up. The movie is an uncommonly intelligent superhero movie that does justice to Alan Moore’s masterpiece with great direction by Zack Snyder, and wonderful performances by most of its cast. For my original review please see:

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