Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Month Preview

Looking at June's slate of wide releases, I have to say that the pickings look rather slim. This is a month filled with comedies that do not look that funny. I'm sure I will still see most of the films on this list, but after a May that I thought was actually pretty damn good, I'll be surprised if June can measure up.
June 5th
The Hangover

Todd Philips was at one point a talented documentary filmmaker, but he is best known for the stupid yet funny movie Old School. I have actually heard that this is pretty good movie, and the trailer gets me laughing every time I see it. In addition, Ed Helms is one of the funniest guys around. While I hardly think this is going to be a masterwork, it should be a good time at the movies. Anticipation Level: 7

Land of the Lost
Even in his worst movies, Will Ferrell usually makes me laugh once or twice. But the trailers for this movie look downright awful. You know you’re in trouble you have Ferrell, James McBride and Anna Friel (that cute, funny girl from Pushing Daisies) and it doesn’t make me laugh once. Anticipation Level: 4

My Life in Ruins
I know a lot of people loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but I was not among them. No one loved Connie and Carla, and I thought it was one of the worst movies of the decade. I do not think Nia Vardalos is very talented as either a writer or an actress, and the preview is painfully unfunny. You couldn’t pay me to watch this one. Anticipation Level: 0

June 12th
Away We Go

Director Sam Mendes has never made a bad film, and personally I think he is coming off of his best film Revolutionary Road. The Office’s John Krasinski is one of my favorite actors, and Maya Rudolph was always my favorite of Saturday Night Live, who I think has just been looking for the right movie role to break out in. The trailer for the movie, featuring Allison Janney and Maggie Gyllenhaal in supporting roles, makes me smile every time I see it. I worry a little that the movie will be one of those too clever for their own good comedies aimed at the hipster crowd. Still in a month where there is not much to look forward to, this is probably the my most anticipated. Anticipation Level: 9

Imagine That
Eddie Murphy is one of the most comedic actors in history, and yet he doesn’t seem to have any scruples about taking on any role that offers a lot of money. This movie about a businessman who doesn’t have time to spend with his daughter, but learns a valuable lesson, just looks downright awful. I have a feeling we could be looking at another bomb along the lines of last year’s Meet Dave. Then again, Norbit made a whole lot of money, so what do I know? Anticipation Level: 1

The Taking of Pelham 123
I know that Tony Scott has became many film critics favorite whipping boy (at least aside from Michael Bay), but I actually kind of enjoy he over the top style of action filmmaking that he has used in his recent films Man on Fire, Domino and Déjà vu. I don’t think that the movie will have much to do with the excellent book or the original film, yet anything with Denzel Washington and John Travolta can’t be all bad. Right? Anticipation Level: 8

June 19th
The Proposal

Typically, I don’t really like romantic comedies that much, and I like Sandra Bullock romantic comedies even less. Yet, for some reason this one looks like it actually might be quite funny. Ryan Reynolds is usually quite funny, even in downright terrible movies. This probably won’t be very good, but it may be good escapism. Anticipation Level: 6

Year One
I love Jack Black and Michael Cera. The preview for this movie looks incredibly dumb, and yet I cannot help but laugh at certain moments. Sure the movie mixes and matches time periods and nationalities, but whatever. Like I seem to be saying about a lot of different movies this movie, it probably won’t be good, but it maybe a good source of escapism: Anticipation Level: 5.

June 26th
My Sister’s Keeper
Although I have not Jodi Picolut’s best selling novel that this movie is based on, I did read another one of her books - Nineteen Minutes - and quite enjoyed it. It’s nice to see Cameron Diaz doing something like this, and it’s even better to see Jason Patric doing anything at all! Young Abigail Breslin is always quite good in her roles. Yes, it looks like typical chick movie stuff, but it maybe well done. Anticipation Level: 7

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
The first Transformers was a great entertainment (at least the first time I watched it - watching it again on DVD was rather painful whenever any member of its cast tried to act), so I hope this sequel keeps up that tradition. No one is going to mistake Michael Bay for a real director, but he sure blows shit up real good. And no one is going to mistake Megan Fox for a real actress, but she’s hot, so she gets a pass. Actually didn’t think she was any worse than Shia in the first one. Anticipation Level: 8

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