Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Year End Timing Issues

I know I have not written much lately - but I've been watching a lot, and new reviews are coming - today reviews of The Big Short, Queen of Earth, Mississippi Grind and Joy - with others of Concussion, Fantastic Four, The Hateful Eight, He Named Me Malala and Son of Saul in the coming days.

As for my annual Year End Report - where I go overboard - I still have some major films to see, so I'm holding off for a while (and will hopefully see some minor ones as well). I will be seeing The Revenant this weekend - but the other two "must-sees" will take a little longer - 45 Years apparently opens in Toronto on the 22nd, so I'll wait for that. I would love to see Spike Lee's Chi-Raq as well - but apparently, even though the film has been out in American theaters for more than a month, and is available on VOD everywhere in America now, they don't think Canada wants to see it apparently. If it comes out before the 22nd, than I'll see it before I do the year end report - if not, than not.

Until then, just the reviews.

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