Monday, February 3, 2014

My Answer to the Latest Criticwire Survey: TV Shows That Need One More Season

Q: On Vulture, Joe Adalian ran down a list of TV shows that are "on the bubble," meaning its questionable they'll be renewed for another season. What TV show, new or old, would you green-light for one more season?

Three very obvious answers for me. The first is Twin Peaks – which tried to wrap everything up in the movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, but that assumes the only thing that needed to be wrapped up was the how of the murder at the show’s core, and not everything else strange that was going on. Twin Peaks was the weirdest network show of all time, and enjoyed only a small time as a hit, before it dropped. I’d love to see what happened to everyone in that ever strange town – and the town itself.

Then there’s poor Deadwood – which ended abruptly, and despite some vague rumors of a movie or two to wrap things up – rumors I haven’t heard in a few years now – there looks to be no hope for any sort of resolution.

Finally, Freaks & Geeks. They knew they were doomed, and tried to give their characters a satisfying sendoff in the season 1 (and series) finale – and while they did, I still want to know what they hell happened to everyone. Can Judd Apatow make a movie sequel, set in the late 1990s, and tell me what became of everyone? It’d be my most anticipated film in years.

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