Friday, January 18, 2013

Returning Feature: The Best Films I Have Never Seen Before

I'm not sure how many people remember, but I used to do a fairly regular feature of reviewing some classic films that I had never seen before. Everyone has gaps in their cinematic knowledge, and I am no exception, so I constantly watch older movies - both ones I have seen and ones I haven't. I enjoy it.

But in December 2011, I stopped publishing these reviews. The reasons were multiple reasons - none of them being that I didn't think it was worth my time or that people were complaining. Basically, it was because December and January are always my busiest months - both at my day job and on the blog - and at the beginning of February 2012, I went on paternity leave for six months, and just kind of stopped posting the reviews. I always meant to get back to it, so I'm starting again. I already have 31 reviews of older films that I wrote BEFORE December 2011, so some of the films that I post reviews on are ones that I may have mentioned in other posts this year as my having seen them. Trust me, I did. I have no problem admitting I haven't seen something.

I was simply looking for a chance to start posting, and with the death of Japanese filmmaker Nagisa Oshima recently, and the fact that one of the movies I had already written about (but not posted) was his, In the Realm of the Senses, I figured I'd start there.

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