Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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August 11, 2009 DVD Views
Yet another week with not much coming out on DVD. Out of all the films I have reviewed on this sit, only I Love You, Man comes out this week. There is also three great movies – The Class, Waltz with Bashir and London to Brighton coming out this week, but since my original reviews of that film was never posted, I will post the full review here later this week. There are several films – 17 Again, The Garden, Katyn and Last Stop 174 – that I missed in theaters, so I may check them on DVD in the coming weeks.

I Love You, Man *** ½
Although Judd Apatow had nothing to do with I Love You, Man, he may as well have, since his fingerprints are all over it. Paul Rudd stars as a guy with no guy friends, who is getting married in a few months, and realizes that he has no one to ask to be his best man. After a series of disastrous “man dates”, he finally finds someone he can bond with - Jason Segel. They perhaps bond a little too much, and Rudd’s fiancée starts to get worried about him. This is a hilarious comedy, perfectly played by Rudd and Segal, that could have only been improved if they had given Rashida Jones, who plays the fiancée, a better role. For my original review please see: http://davesmoviesite.blogspot.com/2009/03/movie-review-i-love-you-man.html

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